Brows & Lashes

6D Eyebrow Microblading by Sarah

6D Microblading technique is a hair stroke technique of semi-permanent makeup, which is performed with the help of 6D Microblading needles and natural pigments that guarantee minimal injuries to the skin. This technique is an embroidery of small, precise strokes that mimics the effect of real hairs which creates natural and lasting results.
R2100 for the full procedure (first & follow up session)

R650 for a brow shading session (usually after the full procedure or included in the follow up session)


Why have Microblading?
* If you have minimal brow hair
* Gaps in the brow
* Alopecia
* Scarring affecting hair growth
* Wanting to create a more full effect
* More definition
* Better shape
* Even out asymmetry
* Tint your brow hairs less frequently

Procedure Time:

1st Session is 120-160 minutes, and second session 60-90 minutes. (average)
Is it painful? No. The topical anaesthetic creams applied numb the skin, but sometimes there can be a few areas where there is more discomfort.
Is there any downtime? Your brows will be a bit tender immediately after, but settle within a few hours/the next day. For the first 1-2 weeks they will look about 30% darker, compared to the finished result.
What is the difference between the hair strokes and the shading technique? The hair stroke technique is usually always done first to create a natural overall look of the brow. The shading technique is often combined in the follow up session to give more fullness to the brow.

How long does it last? Usually 1-2 years, depending on how your skin retains pigment. Drier skin types usually have better pigment retention.
If you are allergy prone, you may want to consider a patch test.

What is the procedure?
1.) Consultation
2.) Measuring (pencil drawing on skin)
3.) Choose pigment colour
4.) Numb brow area
5.) Draw individual hair strokes with new sterile needle & chosen pigment
6.) Soothing cream
7.) No water/product on brows for 5 days – precise protocol will be advised.
8.) Repeat process in 4-6 weeks time for any touch ups (same aftercare applies)
(Client checks shape & pigment with therapist before commencing)

I am very impressed with the microblading process and results.  The time and care taken to measure precisely was worthwhile and went a long way to providing a very elegant result.  I’ve spent most of my life disliking my practically non-existent eyebrows and I am thrilled with the end-result. Debbie

I can admit to being a bit nervous about the procedure; How painful it would be? How would I look immediately after? Would I loose all the hair on my eyebrows?! I was put at rest immediately by Sarah’s calm professionalism, eye for perfection and detail, and methodical approach. I felt no pain whatsoever after the anaesthetic creams were applied, and I was blown away by the results. Being of light/blonde complexion I was worried how dark it would look, but she matched the shade perfectly. I was beyond impressed with the results. I never knew I could love my eyebrows so much and how much a great shaped brow would give definition to my face…No more need for monthly eyebrow tinting!  Tracey


Eyelash Extensions by Simone


Simone specializes in flawless lash extension styling in both Classic & Volume applications and is dedicated in offering clients the highest standard, quality & workmanship. 
A full consultation, record and custom styling is done for each client. 

  • Internationally Accredited & certified since 2011 
  • Educator and Trainer
  • Lash Ambassador

‘Classic’ Set – 60min R500 1:1 Classic application – Light, subtle & natural looking set – great introduction to lash extensions & for first timers.

‘Signature” Set – 90min R600 1:2 Hybrid application – a mix of both Classic & 2D Volume techniques, creating more fullness and depth – an absolute firm favourite!

‘Volume’ Set – 120min R750 1:3 Volume application – 3D Volume techiques creating soft, full and feathery looking lashes – gorgeous eye batting power that will turn heads.

Lash fills – 45min R300 – R420Lash fills are recommended between 2-3 wks & are priced on time spent lashing, you will receive a full 45min of lash application – please allow an additional 15min for cleanse, prime, prep, & filter.
Lash Removal – 30min R200 A wax cream which does not sting, burn or irritate the eyes is gently used to remove all the lash extensions – includes a shampoo cleanse, collagen enriched under eye pads & lash serum treatment.
Lash Highlights, Accents & Bling R50Enhance any lash set by adding colour highlights, glitter or crystals to create a beautiful & unique lash set – Great for weddings, parties, Matric dances and photo shoots.